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I’m a Sports Girl & OK With It

Growing up I was the one to watch sports along with playing sports. I played soccer and tennis growing up. But, my dad went to school at Michigan State and my mom went to Western Michigan, so from the start we were fans of football. My mom’s side of the family also has a team that they have rooted for since day one, Notre Dame. So summer and Christmas visits always consisted of watching some type of football, no matter the team. Then when my sister got into Clemson, of course, we had to cheer for the Tigers. 

If you have not experienced a game in the real death valley once in your lifetime, you need to. The atmosphere during a Clemson game is like none other, despite where you sit during the game. Attending sports events is more about the memories you make anyways. I have learned to enjoy other sports too, like hockey and baseball. I did ice skating lessons back in the day, but I have been to several Gwinnett Gladiators and now Striper’s games (I still want to call them the G braves but it’s fine, it’s fine)

So I guess the main question still remains. Am I a girl that enjoys sports? Most certainly. Do I know everything there is to know about sports? No, but I’m always going to be learning. There is a whole world of sports out there that I have yet to discover, and I have a lifetime ahead of me to learn, and maybe even take part in all these special activities. My friend is an avid fan of lacrosse and has decided to join a local club in his area to help improve his skills. With the help of his lacrosse mesh and head (find more information here), he can’t wait to get started. And it even gives me an excuse to tag along and learn more about the sport that has captivated my friend. If you haven’t already concluded, I like to surround myself with as much knowledge as I can at times, but I do think that college Football will always hold a special place in my heart regardless. I haven’t quite gotten into NFL sports but that is a new goal for me next season.

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Maggie is the Social Media Director for The WOLF Sports. Follow her and all things sports online @thewolfsports.

Maggie is the Social Media Director for The WOLF Sports. Follow her and all things online @thewolfsports and at yeah