Miss Americana a Netflix must see special by Taylor Swift
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Miss Americana: A Netflix Must See

“I became the person everyone wanted me to be,” Taylor Swift said in her new documentary trailer on Netflix called Miss Americana, one of the tracks off her Lover album. The country star turned pop queen took a little hiatus before releasing her Lover album in 2019. Since her hiatus, she fell head over heels with Joe Alwyn. British actor. But the documentary seems like it scopes more than just her current relationship with Alwyn. It touches on her relationship with her mom who has cancer. Her mom was most recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, as it was stated in her new article in Variety Magazine. 

The doc made sure to include what the media was calling her, skinny, annoying and that she dated too many men. As a fan of Taylor, watching this trailer for me was eye-opening as the things being said by the media was just heart wrenching, there is more to Taylor than what is being said about her. She also touches on some of her political views as she is a registered voter of course. I think that it is also important for people to have knowledge about voting and who to vote for. So I commend her for posting about this topic and others on her social media platforms. 

For swifties all around the world, Miss Americana is something that needed to be made. It will be premiered at the Sundance film festival before its Netflix release on January 31st. So lots of people will get to watch it before it’s actually up. In the end, we all should give Miss Americana the credit it deserves when we can finally watch it!

Photo Credits: Taylor Swift

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