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The Reselling Era

These days it is very easy to resell items via Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, and Etsy (just to name a few). I have been actively selling my items on some of these platforms since 2017 and I have made just a little over $300 in sales, which may not seem like a whole lot, but as a college student, it is. I really want to make sure that I am putting the clothes/items out there that are going to resell and that people are going to actually want.

I make sure that in each selling post, I describe my item to the best of my ability. If I get a message about how an item is or looks, I am usually pretty quick to respond to it. I would want the same messaging respect from someone else if I were to buy an item from them. Most of the time I list my items in good condition and sometimes new with tags. I do however get nervous about putting it as just good because the Mercari app lists a minor flaw in the description of that condition, even if my items don’t have a flaw.

But overall, I do enjoy selling my items on these apps and platforms, it’s a good way for me to make some extra cash and when I earn my money I am able to use it to spend on other items in the shop or I can transfer it over to my account. It’s really that easy, as most of them say!

Photo Credits: IG: @haleys_hanger

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