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Organized Protest at UWG

Carrollton, GA- On Friday, February 9, there was a protest for the state of Palestine at the University of West Georgia’s University Community Center.

The protest was in light of the conflict waging between the nations of Palestine and Israel. As the conflict grows, many people around the world including UWG students have decided to begin protesting and boycotting. Several posters went up all over campus throughout the last week, specifically places such as the library, dining and residence halls, encouraging other students to join.

An organizer of the protest, Ayana Ware, had this to say, 

 “The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the atrocities that are going on in occupied Palestine. We will have speakers there giving more details on the genocide. So often, people get lost in the sea of information and become desensitized. We want to give people the information and opportunity to participate and take a stand.” 

We plan to set up next to the UCC on Friday. We will have printouts of different organizations and QR codes that anyone can scan if they want to donate or sign petitions for a permanent ceasefire. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in our protest against the genocide in Gaza and the West Bank in occupied Palestine.” 

They were then asked what a possible sign of success would be.

“We want to inform people and give them hope that our generation will pick the torch of compassion for everyone. The oppressed groups worldwide are being silenced, and it is up to those with the means and the platform to speak up and make as much noise as possible. We will know that our job is done when Palestine is free to return to their land without fear of persecution or execution.

”At the very least, we will have succeeded when we see more people in the area taking a stand and participating in the boycotts, according to the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.”

Ware responded to the possibility of future protests should the first succeed in its goal,

 “If this protest is effective and more people become interested in joining the cause, we may be able to organize more protests in the future. Hopefully, with enough participation worldwide, there will be no need for future protests, and the Palestinians will be free.”

The final question of the interview was a way to get in contact with their group, “If anyone wants to get involved or get in contact, they can fill out this Google Form. They can email Any help and participation would be more than welcome and appreciated.”