Adamson Square will host Taste of Carrollton
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Carrollton Prepares to Host its 29th Annual Taste of Carrollton

The city of Carrollton is gearing up for its annual food festival, Taste of Carrollton, on Sept. 30 at Adamson Square for citizens and newcomers alike. With another year comes new changes to the event. The original date, Sept. 16, was moved to the 30th due to weather issues. There will also be updates to payment methods as most vendors will only be accepting cash payments with the prices of food ranging from $1 to $4. Because of this update, lines will be cut short, creating more time for the enjoyment of prepared activities going on in the Square. The Mix, a local rock band, will be performing in addition to other guest performers. For those over the age of 21, there will be craft brew packages for $35 at a brew truck at the event. Early birds can purchase their packages online for $30. The truck will have several brewery features along with the acclaimed Printer’s Ale.  

In order to prepare for the event, it is recommended to bring cash as a primary form of payment. Attendees over 21 must also bring proper identification to access the brewery truck and packages. For those who ordered their packages early, it is mandatory for them to bring confirmation of the online purchase, preferably through email. Lastly, bring an open mind and a hungry stomach to indulge in all that the Taste of Carrollton has to offer.