The WOLF Radio Rebrand for College Radio Day

My Expectations for College Radio Day

Image Created By Niave Collins

I think college radio is one of the most critical aspects of the music industry. It allows college students to get a glimpse into how the music industry works and express themselves through music. It also allows students to interact with people they usually wouldn’t, whether listeners or professionals in the industry. As the WOLF Radio Public Relations Director, the importance of college radio is all about positive brand image and visibility.

I am just starting in radio, and I feel like this is the best place to learn. I could make all the mistakes, slip-ups and find my ‘radio’ personality. The time I am spending on college radio will soon prepare me for the actual industry. Please do not take college radio lightly because people listen. What I’m doing here at The WOLF, I couldn’t have done anywhere else, and this is such a great learning experience for me.

On College Radio Day, alumni will also help build and grow our brand through word-of-mouth marketing. I am looking forward to meeting the alumni because I know this will be an excellent opportunity to network and hang out with friends. Alumni will likely have a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with current students like myself. In some instances, this could go even further with alumni offering to practically support us in work placements and help us launch our careers. College alumni can be a friendly introduction to the art of networking. In the end, networking comes down to building relationships.

I highly recommend college radio for several reasons. It’s fun, and you can be yourself. It’s great for the music, the experience, the people you’ll meet, and the things you will learn not only about radio & music, as well as about life. Remember, not only is this a day to celebrate college radio and all we have overcome in the past year, but also our rebrand. Let’s make it big!