This WOLFSTOCK we have some incredible artists performing! For those who can’t make the event, we have this live update for you all to enjoy!

Up first, we have Khaler making their way to the stage! Khaler gives a taste of doom funk, and funnily enough comes from right here in Carrollton! While that’s going on in the ballroom, we’ve got our very own Kamal Saucier setting up outside. Kamal is an Alternative Hip Hop Artist from Douglasville.

5 minutes until our first two acts give everyone a WOLFSTOCK welcome!

Khaler has begun to play!! Their distinct doomfunk sound is shaking the ballroom walls, as the crowd starts to match Khaler’s incredible energy!

Members of WOLF Radio have started dancing to the music from behind the crowd, as an awesome guitar riff begins to explode from the band!!

Following that Khaler plays their very first single, “The Way Things Have Been,” with a shout of approval from the audience!

The crowd has begun to stand and dance, as the energy in the room ramps up!

The song has ended, and Khaler begins playing a cover, making the dancers in the crowd hype up, as more and more join!

More people have entered the ballroom, jumping and dancing all around the band right as the music stops.

What follows is an another amazing performance from Khaler, the crowd slows, but everyone is still dancing as all eyes are on the group as they do some small dancing of their own!!

The action is not just inside, as our very own Kamal Saucier is outside playing some amazing music and hitting UWG with some amazing vocals!

Kamal hits the crowd with some incredible and unique beats, which have the audience’s full attention as they dance and hype him up!!

Kamal’s ability to hold an audience and hype them up is incredible to see in person!

The crowd is even more excited than before as Kamal dishes out an incredible performance, with lyrics that should classify as certified genius!

Kamal does audience participation like no other, with his producer, our own Julian Bryant! The two are a masterful act, not to mention fun!!

Back inside, Khaler is still going strong as the audience dances to a song that brings the funk to doomfunk!!

Kamal on the outside!! First name, Hype, second name, Audience Participation!! The crowd wanted an encore, and that’s exactly what he gave them!

Not to forget, that we don’t just have music, our prize tables and games are on full swing, with crowds of friends winning tickets and other prizes!!

Our two acts are still going, with both of them interestingly enough calming the crowd down, with some real smooth music from their repertoire!

Kamal hits the crowd with some Frank Ocean, exciting the audience even more, but continuing that smooth vibe, just as Khaler hypes everyone up again with some Billie Joel!!

The vibes have smoothed out, but certainly not slowed down! If you haven’t made your way out, come to WOLFSTOCK! Though for those of you continuing your journeys here, we aren’t even close to done yet!!

Khaler has closed up their performance with an incredibly high note, definitely a group we here at UWG were excited to see!!

Our incredible MC Maria is about to introduce our third act of the evening, and as suspense fills the air on the inside, Kamal is still hype outside!!

Our next to acts are doing mic checks, Jay Pruitt is gracing WOLFSTOCK again!! High notes, Lana, energy, what more can you ask for? Orginating all the way in Alaska, we’re happy to see Jay Pruitt come back!

His discography is incredible, and his way of captivating an audience’s attention matches our other acts quite nicely!

The vibe in the ballroom can only be called Ethereal, the resonance of Jay’s voice has the audience in a chokehold, with high notes here, there, and everywhere!

While Jay Pruitt has made his way on stage, we got Kamal stepping off after an awesome, and I mean awesome showing!

Jay’s song has left the audience no alternative but to clap as loudly as they can, with a new song not far behind!

Jay Pruitt has started to sing another song, I repeat, he’s begun to sing a new song! His sound can only be classified as the Lana Del Ray of Carrollton!

His music is a master class in growing up, he brings a mournful yet healing tone, which has everyone on the edge of their seats.

Now from the outside, crowds are still playing games and having fun, while we wait for darksoulsthug to make his way to the stage!

darksoulsthug has made his way back to WOLFSTOCK, a DJ of planetary proportions, it seems like this WOLFSTOCK’s theme might be artists who know their audience, and darksoulsthug is the best example!

Jay Pruitt is still on stage, giving the audience a great show, as darksoulsthug starts with a bang, with a beat so masterfully constructed I’ve run out of words to describe it.

If you thought WOLFSTOCK was hype before, we’ve only just got started because darksoulsthug has everyone jumping and yelling like no other!

Even our own WOLFSTOCK staff isn’t immune to the hype, dancing and jumping around like crazy!!

As darksoulsthug hypes the crowd even further, people have started to dance and chant his name!

Jay Pruitt and darksoulsthug’s acts couldn’t be more different, but they’re both bringing the most hype they have!

Jay’s vibe has gone from ethereal to powerful, with stronger vocals than anything we’ve seen from him thus far, the notes are higher as the music gets even more exciting!

darksoulsthug’s brain needs to be studied, the way he delivers a beat drop better than the last each time is so awesome!

Jay Pruitt’s performance has come to a close, with an amazing use of vocals and instrumentation! With that our MC has begun to introduce our next indoor act: Lumina!

Lumina’s another one of UWG’s own, and as they gear up to perform, our MC lets the crowd know about how some of Lumina’s music is coming from their first EP!

Lumina’s warming up, while darksoulsthug has broken the genre barrier with his audience dancing salsa to jazz!

Lumina is holding nothing back as their performance begins! The group sounds great, the cool blues and rock vibes have taken over the ballroom!!

Back on the outside, the crowd is as turnt up as ever!! Folks are still grooving and Lumina’s crowd is enthralled by the group as the song changes.

darksoulsthug is not slowing down as his performance comes to a close!! The audience hyper of the century is on his way out, at least he was until the crowd requested an encore, and he didn’t hesitate to deliver!!

Lumina has a low key vibe, but their sound is incredible, and as our last act for the night that is nothing but expected!

Lumina’s low key vibe has exploded as sign haters in the audience burst out in screams and applause, marking their last song as the band exits the stage!!

Thank you to everyone who came on this journey with me! I hope that for those of you who didn’t come this year, join us at WOLFSTOCK next year!!!!!

Until then, I’m Yade with WOLF Radio, wishing you a Happy WOLFSTOCK!!!!!