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Early Season in Full Swing

This season has started off a little slow for the Wolves Baseball team who now sits with a 4-7 record to start the season. They have a winning home record of 4-3 but their away record leaves a  lot to be desired. Last season the Wolves started with an incredible 10-1 record, finishing the season with a very nice 64% 32-18 record.

So what has changed? Why are the Wolves falling short to start this season? Well, last season the batting average for the Wolves throughout the first 11 games was .327, and at the start of this season, the Wolves are batting .271. Now that might not look like a big difference but in baseball, it makes a world of difference, That equates to an out at every at-bat. With the Wolves struggling with leaving runners on bases and not driving in runs, they have left a lot of runs on the bases. This season the Wolves have left a staggering average of 8.6 per game. That’s 8 runners a game that couldn’t score.

Also this season the wolves are up by 1.79 on their ERA (Earned Run Average). Last season the Wolves ERA of 4.54. This season the Wolves ERA is 6.33 a game. This means the Wolves are giving up more runs per pitcher by almost 2 than last season with one pitcher sitting at a whopping 29.25 ERA.

There is plenty of time for the Wolves to right the ship and turn their season around but they need to do a complete 180 in the batting department as well as pitching.

The Wolves Baseball team will be at home on Wednesday, February 20th vs Columbus State, then have a 3 game series vs Mississippi College with a doubleheader on the 23rd and the last game on the 24th.

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