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A New Ariana Grande Song Snippet Is Out And I’m Now Very Excited For AG6

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more excited for a new Ariana Grande album than I am now.

Ariana Grande, without a doubt, is my favorite artist. Though I have admired her insane talents for years (I discovered her talents from her work on Victorious and by watching her old song covers on Youtube), I consider myself to have been a true, dedicated fan since 2014 when I first heard her song, “Best Mistake” off of her second studio album, My Everything. I’ve loved seeing her work grow and evolve since then, and I love the way her music makes me feel.

On March 24th, 2020, Ariana Grande posted a short snippet of a new song on her Instagram (@arianagrande). The snippet of the song, suspected to be on her sixth studio album (referred to by some as “AG6” for now) and possibly titled “Nasty,” is just forty-nine seconds long. However, it is forty-nine seconds of absolute vocal perfection. 

Grande’s smooth vocals can be heard in the snippet; I adore the whistle tones in the beginning, as well as the song’s dreamy, R&B sound. Another thing I really like about this snippet is that it includes some personal touches. For example, the audio of the snippet itself isn’t very clear and one can hear Grande laughing in the background. I believe that when these elements are present, it gives some insight on the creative process in the studio. When the final song is released, it is interesting to go back and listen to the original snippet and see what changed and what didn’t. I am looking forward to doing this when the full song is released (hopefully soon)!

 I am really hoping for more R&B-infused pop tracks on Grande’s sixth studio album, as some of her previously-released songs with these characteristics tend to be some of my favorites. At this point, we can’t be too sure as to when Grande’s new album will be released, but what we can be sure of is that she always seems to be working on new music. I am liking the direction this album seems to be taking and I am very excited for what is to come!

You can listen to the snippet below!

Photo Credits: @arianagrande via Twitter

Video Credits: @arianagrande via Instagram