Why I HATE Zodiac Signs

“The following is a rant from the sometimes……well mostly quiet social media director of WOLF Radio, Jordan Walton.”

You ever meet somebody you are getting used to their presence and the moment you tell them your birthday, they immediately look at you differently.  There is literally no reason why you will dislike something simply because of your zodiac sign. Come to think of it, zodiac signs themselves are insanely pointless. Like just because I was born on October 25th does not mean that I am automatically a moody, intimidating jerk. I’m more of a compassionate, funny jerk. There is a huge difference. What’s worse is that this is the basis for how relationships go nowadays. It hurts the most when your crush rejects you based on a simple day of the month. Like I’m sorry I couldn’t help which day I landed on earth, let me build a time machine and go back in time to tell my parents to not do the no pants dance on a specific day because if you don’t I won’t be a Scorpio. And if that weren’t the icing on the cake and by icing I’m talking about the weird butterscotch kind that your grandma makes that she thinks is good but in reality it taste like the litter box of her cat that passed away (Don’t ask how I know this) now people only like celebrities because of their zodiac signs. For example, one of my favorite artists is Drake. I like him because he makes great music, he has a great personality and he seems like a cool guy to go get a beer with, I DO NOT LIKE DRAKE BECAUSE HE IS A SCORPIO!!!! I think it is literally insane that before you even get to know a person, you have to know their zodiac sign so that they could do some mental math and figure out the trajectory of their relationship. To the people who get rejected because of their zodiac sign, you are not alone, I’ve been there before. And for the people who judge others because of their zodiac signs and wonder why they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, FIND GOD!!!!