Alma's Top 10 Spotify Playlist Songs
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Alma’s Top 10

My musical tastes are very eclectic. I listen to all kinds of music genres, but in my top 10 favorite songs right now, you’ll mostly find pop music. There is no specific order, and this is just my top favorite for right now. Next month my top 10 might be completely different, although a few songs will remain.

  1. Love Myself – Olivia O’Brien: From the album “Was it Even Real?” this song stuck with me since the very first time I listened to it. It deals with a breakup, expectations, and, most importantly, self-love. Olivia O’Brien is not a well-known artist, but she is very talented. I find it easy to identify myself with her songs. 
  2. Garden – Dua Lipa: This song as a whole is a big metaphor, and I love it! Dua Lipa’s concept is that once the honeymoon phase is over, love and relationships become hard. Thus, it’s time to leave the Garden of Eden.
  3. Blinding Lights – The Weekend: I shouldn’t even have to explain. This song is energetic and captivating. The rhythm reminds me of the ’80s and ’90s. Every time this song comes up, I stop what I am doing to start dancing.
  4. All for Us (From the HBO Original Series Euphoria) – Labrinth & Zendaya: Labrinth is a very talented and brilliant artist. He released this song years ago, but this new version was released in the TV Show Euphoria. This collaboration with Zendaya is just MAGICAL. 
  5. Dance Monkey – Tones and I: This tack has soul, rhythm, passion, and energy. It is perfect if you want to lose yourself for a good four minutes. It makes you dance as if nobody is watching. 
  6. Last Love Song – ZZ Ward: I discovered this song in “One Tree Hill” back in 2012, and I never got tired of listening to it. ZZ Ward is an underrated artist, but her song has helped me through heartbreak. It has a special place in my heart. 
  7. Honest – Bazzi: I would put Bazzi’s entire debut album if I could, but for this, I picked Honest. It’s just that good to me. 
  8. The Man – Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift, everybody! What else could I say? I love how political she’s been recently in all of her songs. When she is not fighting for the LGBTQ community with her song: You Need to Calm Down, she is denouncing the double standard towards men and women in society. Taylor has proven herself to be a pop queen, and that’s on talent! I listen to her new album, “Lover,” relentlessly. Like, twice a day! 
  9. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson: An all-time favorite of mine. The beat is sick, Michael Jackson’s voice is perfect. I grew up listening to MJ and his songs will never get out of style for me. It’s a pure pleasure to dance to the rhythm of this particular song every time.  
  10. Fake Smile – Ariana Grande: I love Ariana and everything that she does. This entire album is a success. She, too, is a pop queen. When her album dropped last year, I just couldn’t stop listening to that particular song. I love her innocence, sassy-ness, and confidence in that song. She has taken a lot of risk in her career, and I think it pays well.
Alma Beauvais is The WOLF's News Director and current junior of Mass Communications at the University of West Georgia.