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WOLF RADIO: College Radio Day in celebration of College Radio Week!!!

College Radio Day (CRD) is here and happening from Oct. 3rd-7th! This year’s theme is  “Voices For Peace”! In order to show support for the freedom of people from all countries, and to promote living in peace, college radio stations around the world are coming together to make a public statement.

I decided that it would be a great idea for WOLF RADIO to go around campus and ask students what they thought about us participating in College Radio Day. So, I set out along with our video director, Robert Barnes, and asked several students how they felt about the celebration.

“College Radio Day will bring more attention to radio,” said London Shyann, a junior in mass communications. “This is a very efficient way to get information out, especially to those who may not have access to the Internet.” 

“I think it’s super cool that WOLF radio is participating in College radio day, especially giving Ukraine some spotlight,” said Luke Roberts.

Knowing that what WOLF RADIO is doing is supported and that UWG students are all proud of WOLF radio for participating, especially how this year all college radio stations are rallying behind Ukraine, means a lot to me.

This year we are shaking things up at UWG by making the celebration a week-long event. Every day from Oct. 3-7, we will have a remote stationed at the Grassy Triangle on campus. Shows will get the chance to go live and engage with their audiences. The Gaming Wolf, a show I’m on, had the opportunity to go live at the Grassy Triangle for our show on Oct. 2. It was great to interact with people passing by and occasionally inputting their opinions. We even had someone who came to compliment our music and wanted to know more about our show. It’s a great feeling to know that we had the chance to reach a bigger audience.

To wrap things up, students at WOLF radio will be taking over the airways this Thursday and Friday with Voice Tracking. Voice tracking really helps automate the workflow between personality and station. It gives the students a chance to just be themselves on air. It’s a great opportunity for students to dip their toes into the professional world of radio.

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