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 Is Podcasting going to replace Radio?

Our world is constantly evolving. The innovations that were once considered revolutionary, have been eclipsed by more alternatives that were able to bring in more revenue than ever before in our society. Being one of the earliest forms of sound entertainment, radio has become an incredibly influential medium for creatives to not only express themselves, but also monetize their art in a lucrative and gainful career. With radio coming into its own as a form of communication it was only a small portion of what was to come. The advent of the internet allowed for high speed communication that was considered unprecedented at the time. The internet alone allowed for all the possibilities of what the potential of technology could be. As someone who has two of his own podcasts (1025 Podcast & 1025 In Conversation), I was able to use tools that at one point I thought was un-accessible to my fingertips and now I am able to create content that could reach a variety of people I couldn’t even imagine. As we move forward in the digital age, simple everyday tasks have become digitized and it feels as though we are in a futuristic setting like the Jetsons. Do I think that podcasting will replace radio, only time will tell. As with evolution, everything is constantly changing. What was once an innovation is obsolete in forthcoming years. Hyper-advanced technology was slowly integrated into society and civilization has improved from it.