Kaleigh's Top 10 Spotify Playlist Songs
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Kaleigh’s Top 10

My music taste is so varied and I listen to so much music that picking 10 favorite songs of all time is a huge task. So, here are 10 tracks, in no particular order, that I feel show off my music taste in the best way possible.

  1. In My Bones – Jacob Collier ft. Kimbra & Tank and the Bangas: This song is ultra funky with bass lines, poppy synths, and a variety of fun voices! This also combines two of my favorite artists, Jacob and Kimbra.
  2. Freedom ‘90 – George Michael: Freedom is such a great song! It is so fun to sing along to while driving with the windows down. George Michael is an iconic, primarily-80s artist. I grew up listening to his music.
  3. Almeda – Solange: If I could put the entire album When I Get Home on this list, I would. This is probably my favorite song from the album. The overall production and mood of this song is just brilliant.
  4. Lost My Treble Long Ago – Vulfpeck: Another little funky tune for ya! I just love this song, and all other Vulfpeck songs. They’re fun to have on in the background while playing games or reading.
  5. R.E.M. – Ariana Grande: I love love love Ariana Grande and I love love love her Sweetener album. That album is one of the best pop records I’ve heard. Period. Ariana’s voice is soooo smooth and flawless on this track.
  6. 911/Mr. Lonely – Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean & Steve Lacy: I thoroughly enjoy Tyler’s work, including his older stuff. I put this one on the list because it includes his RnB/singing style and his rap style. Flower Boy is also just a phenomenal album to listen to, if you haven’t already.
  7. Assassin – Muse: I’ve listened to Muse for so many years, I had to include a track of theirs on this list. The drum part on this is super fun to try to play, but I have not been successful at completely playing it.
  8. Hands – Mac Miller: Not going to lie here, I wasn’t into Mac before he passed. Then Circles came out and I got into his music. I can tell through his songs that he was going through some stuff. This song is really good in terms of the instrumental and the lyrics. 
  9. Sign of the Times – Harry Styles: I love Harry Styles and have loved him since One Direction. It is hard to choose a track from his solo work as all of them are fantastic. I chose this one because the vocals are really awesome and for this to be the first single he put out as a solo artist, it was risky! This song is not typical “single” material so it was cool to see him put out something he felt was more “him” and not what would necessarily be “popular.”
  10. Alphabet St. – Prince: Another funky track with an absolute killer bassline. I love the production on this track. There is so much going on and it is so fun! I dare you to listen to this and not groove with it.