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Aaron Rodgers is on the clock

Time is a flat, stupid circle. That’s what is probably on Aaron Rodgers (36-years-old) mind as his front office undermined him for what could be the last time. Rodgers has been a part of the Packers organization since 2005 and replaced HOF QB Brett Favre in 2008. At the time of Aaron’s drafting, Brett Favre was “standoffish” to say the least. While many would say being allowed to learn under a veteran QB is a great situation to be in, in reality, that never happens. Aaron’s earliest memories of Brett fall more along the lines of “figure it out yourself” and less big brother with his arm around you showing you the ropes.

In that time, the Packers have not selected a receiver once in the first round and their highest selection came in 2008 when they selected Jordy Nelson in the second round. Brett Farve’s — who was 35 when Rodgers was drafted — situation was different. While he was a year younger than Aaron is now, he had been playing his “I’ll retire” card a little too often with his front office and they felt they only way to protect themselves as a franchise would be in selecting a QB that was an assumed top 10 pick that had fallen to them.

The 2020 Packers, however, were a game away from the Super Bowl in the 2019 season and went into the off season reportedly promising Aaron Rodgers that they would be selecting players that could be used as weapons. Well, the entire draft has come and gone, guess who has the same receivers and tight ends they had? Good ole #12. The Packers after promising to get Rodgers help, selected Utah State QB Jordan Love, a player whose QBR regressed from his SO to JR season. I want to make sure you understand what I’m saying. In the deepest receiver class — maybe in the history of the NFL — the Packers literally selected none of them.

This reportedly, and in my opinion rightfully so, left Rodgers beside himself and completely blindsided. The Packers, over the last 10 years, have refused to get Rodgers help through the draft. Outside of signing 2010 big-time free-agent and future Hall Of Famer, Charles Woodson, they haven’t signed any big-splash free-agents since he’s been their starter.

This draft night move was outright disrespectful. Second-year head coach Matt LaFleur said, “He wants Aaron to keep playing until he doesn’t want to.” They aren’t trying to expedite him moving on with another franchise, but if the front office promise to Rodgers is any indication, that’s not to be trusted. Aaron Rodgers who has been fighting people’s opinions on his personality from day 1 has been placed in a tough predicament: either look like the jerk that Brett Farve was to him and hang on until they pry his job from his hands or train and mentor Jordan Love and prepare him for the disappointment that is the Packers front office. I personally would take secret choice #3: go to the Raiders. From what we’ve seen in their first full season together, Mike Mayock and John Gruden don’t have major belief in Derek Carr and in the next 2 seasons, I believe they will be looking for a QB. Aaron could demand a trade or demand his release, because of how he’s been treated, and the Raiders could use the opportunity to get off of Carr’s contract and bring Rodgers in on a short deal while upgrading a position. Regardless the clock is now on for Aaron Rodgers.

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