Seven signs you did well on your interview

After an interview, everyone has that one question, “How did I do?” It seems so many people leave their interviews unsure or possibly even discouraged. Did you know there are signs hiring managers may give off to let you know how well you are doing? Every interview is going to be different, but here are seven positive signs to look for:

  1. Time: Did your interview seem to run longer than expected? This is a positive sign in an interview that the hiring manager is interested in how well you will fit into their company. They are taking the extra time with you to learn your likes, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Body Language: Did the hiring manager seem to nod a lot and smile during your interview? If so, these are all positive signs that he/she was not only interested in you but also liked what he/she heard.
  3. You got a tour or met more employees: Touring the office is always a positive affirmation. This should give you hope that the hiring manager is also trying to show off the workplace, and possibly introduce you to more employees you may work with if hired.
  4. The word “YOU” was used in relevance to the position: Most hiring managers are taught to keep things light, and not to be personal when describing job descriptions. What I mean is, when an interviewer uses “you” in a job description such as: “You would” instead of “The candidate would,” this is a good sign. This means they can see you working in this position.
  5. The next steps were mentioned: Did the interviewer make sure to be clear on what the next steps were? Did he/she go through these steps without you having to ask? If so, this is a sign that you have a chance at making it into the next hiring stage.
  6. They asked for References: When a hiring manager asks for references, it is a good sign that they are interested and are wanting to move forward. Always make sure to bring your references to every interview.
  7. Salary and benefits were brought up: This is always a good sign when a hiring manager brings up salary and benefits. They are wanting to assess if they can afford you. This question does not usually come up unless they are truly interested in hiring you.

Remember, before any interview, you should always research the business and understand possible questions that may be asked. Being prepared may set you apart from other candidates, and ensures the hiring manager that you are professional and organized.

Photo Credits: Word Press

Katelynn Johnson is the Community Outreach Director at The WOLF Internet Radio.