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Music Is Powerful & Meaningful In Society

Music to me has always been there for me in life. I have always gravitated towards music that makes me feel good and that I want to dance to. But more recently I have been pulled to songs that have deeper meanings. With that being said, lyrics these days really are more than just the words that are said.

Thy Will by Hilary Scott & The Scott Family (Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum) has spoken to me these days. While it is classified as Gospel on the charts, it is super powerful and can apply to crappy situations in your life that may be unexpected like car wrecks or finding out a family member of yours almost has cancer. The song brings me comfort in that somehow plans and things are always going to work out how they are supposed to. Overall, the song is very powerful and brings hope back into my life when I listen to it.

Another song that I turn to in life is Someone’s Watching Over Me by Hilary Duff (and yes I’m that many years old lol). This song was featured in her movie, Raise Your Voice and it was the song she used in the showcase. To me, the song does shine on my darkness a little bit from my past, but it truly is about my future being much brighter. It teaches us that our dreams are still present and that they aren’t silly at all, even if they might feel like it. We all want to be successful in life, and this song agrees that it’s okay to start on a brand new page, looking forward to what’s to come.

To sum it up, music still is very powerful but if you truly look into the meaning of songs with the lyrics, you may find other inspiring messages throughout. It may take you some time to discover them, and that’s ok. But just know that the messages in the songs that you listen to are there if you want to seek them out. If not, that is fine too but like I mentioned earlier, music for me has always been there for me and it will be there for you if/when you need it.

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