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UWG’s annual crime statistics report is easily accessible for students to track criminal activity on campus in order to stay safe. Thanks to the Clery Act, all public and private institutions of postsecondary education participating in federal student aid programs are required to release an annual campus security report to the public.This federal law of 1990 was enacted in honor of Jeanne Clery, who was sexually assaulted in her residence hall room and murdered at Lehigh University in 1986.

Per Clery Act requirements, all reports must reveal crime statistics ranging from drug possession to sexual assault and murder for the campuses and surrounding areas. Clery Act Coordinator, Lt. Mike Keener, is responsible for preparing and publishing UWG’s Annual Crime and Fire Safety Report.

“I joke actively that the only four people on campus who read this are me, the university attorney, who reviews it, the president and our chief because no one really cares about this stuff,” said Keener. “And the sad truth is they really should. The parents should care, and the students themselves should take personal responsibility for their own safety and should be aware of the crimes that occur in whatever area they live in.

“The active choice that students can take is to educate themselves on the Clery Act,” continued Keener. “And more specifically, through the Clery Act, educate themselves on the risk of crimes that occur on campus and resources that can assist with those crimes should they occur. A big part of the Clery Act is to give information about what the disciplinary processes are and information on what resources are available to victims of crimes on campus.”

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