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My First Blog: Favorite Movie

Watching movies has always been my favorite leisure activity after long, hard days of classes. When I was younger, my mom and dad introduced me to their favorite movies that they watched back in their day. My favorite movie genres are comedy, action, adventure, romance, and sci-fi. If I were to pick one of my favorite movies, I would have to choose “Rush Hour,” with stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. “Rush Hour” has been my favorite movie since my mom introduced it to me. The comedy and action that took place in this movie were spectacular. If I gave this movie a rating out of five stars, I would go beyond five stars. I would say one hundred stars out of five. This movie was released on September 18, 1998. My mom introduced me to the film when I was in middle school. There was foul language used, but I didn’t mind.

Movie Plot

The overall plot of the movie is that Inspector Lee, played by Jackie Chan, and LAPD Detective James Carter, played by Chris Tucker, must work together, despite their differences, to save the Chinese consul’s daughter from a kidnapping that took place in Los Angeles, California. In the beginning, Inspector Lee tries to stop Sang from helping the treasure thief Juntao, but Sang gets away on a boat. Throughout the movie, Carter’s main job is to keep Lee out of trouble instead of working on the case to rescue the daughter. They both go their own way, straying from the FBI’s orders and try to solve the case themselves. In the end, the consul’s daughter is safe, Juntao is defeated, and Lee and Carter take a vacation, which leads to the second movie that takes place in Hong Kong. Carter was offered the FBI agent role, but he hilariously turned it down and got on the plane.

Michael Jackson Inspiration

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Chris Tucker took inspiration from Michael Jackson because after the scenes that took place in Hong Kong at the beginning of the film, the next scene took place in Los Angeles where Carter (Chris Tucker) was meeting with Clive about a C-4 bomb. After two cops failed to get Clive as he was escaping, Carter shot the car with the bomb that was in the trunk. After his success, he was doing some inspiring Michael Jackson moves to “Another Part of Me.” Here’s a fun fact: Chris Tucker was actually friends with Michael Jackson, and Tucker was seen in Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” music video.

If you want a movie to watch with action and laughter, “Rush Hour” is a great choice. It is part of a trilogy, so if you finish watching the first movie, you’ll want to watch them all. “Rush Hour 4” has been confirmed by Jackie Chan, and there is already a script. When that movie comes out, this will be a must-watch for my leisure time!