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UWG actively tries to provide the safest campus possible to its students. According to the Clery Act Coordinator Lt. Mike Keener, current crime rates are extremely low. However, the most common crimes committed by students on campus relate to fighting, possession of marijuana and underage consumption.

“The crimes that occur on campus are usually low-level or non-serious offenses: fighting, drunkenness, misdemeanor marijuana—that kind of stuff,” said Keener. “The crimes that occur off campus though, those tend to be much more serious, especially at the off-campus apartment complexes.”

There are also off-campus crimes that can be more serious. Keener discusses how many of the instances include rapes, robberies, murder, drug dealing and fights.

“We have a lot of roommate disputes,” said Keener. “Sometimes, they’ll escalate into fights or property damage.

“That’s not uncommon, especially at the end of the semester when everyone’s been putting up with their roommate who’s a jerk for like three months,” continued Keener. “Now they see the light at the end of the tunnel getting out of the room, and they think ‘I can do what I want now, I’m about to leave.’”

Before his current role as the Clery Coordinator and administrative Lieutenant, Keener was an investigator for the UWG Police Department for several years. He said that UWG has a few cases of sexual assault a semester on average.

To read the full article, visit: http://thewestgeorgian.com/uwg-crime-rates-decline-during-quarantine/

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