Every Vote Counts
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Voting & Registration Information

Voting & Registration Information

  • The deadline to register to vote in Georgia is October 9th.  

Absentee Voting

    • If someone wants to vote in their home district but it is not feasible to return there they can apply for an absentee ballot.
  • Absentee Ballot applications MUST be received by the Friday before Election Day (November 2nd) and the absentee ballot MUST be received by November 6th.

*One of the major problems at elections is that students feel they can vote on campus even though they are not registered in this district.  As a result, they are not able to vote in district and local elections which are important.


Do a Public Service Announcement to encourage students to check their polling location.

  • This can be done either online at Georgia My Voter Page (mvp.sos.ga.gov) or through the phone app GA SOS (available both through iPhone and Google Play).