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UNG at UWG Girls Soccer Recap

The University of West Georgia soccer team fell to the University of North Georgia (UNG) 0-2 this past weekend in an exciting match that left the Wolves with their first loss of the season. 

UWG nearly scored a goal in the opening 15 seconds, but Karley Baker was unable to put the shot on target and the scoreline remained 0-0. UNG responded by getting four shots off in the opening ten minutes of the match, two of which were on target and called Donaldson into action early on.

Donaldson’s saves and UNG’s poor finishing kept UWG in the first half. UNG finished the first half with 14 shots, greatly outshining UWG’s five shots in the first half. 

The game would not see the first goal until after halftime when Katey Derkay rounded Donaldson for a tap in the 58th minute. 

UNG extended their lead seven minutes later when UNG defender Jazmin Adlam sent in a corner kick for Dani Shartouny to finish off. 

UNG’s front line moved extremely well off the ball passes off the ball whereas UWG’s front line looked disconnected from the midfield and could not seem to get any convincing chances on goal. Oftentimes, UWG players had no outlet up top and risked losing possession, leaving themselves exposed for a counterattack.

The match finished 2-0 to UNG with UNG racking up a total of 22 shots to UWG’s nine shots. 

The University of West Georgia soccer team takes on Embrey-Riddle University on Friday, September 13th and Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, September 15th in Milledgeville. Their next home game is Sunday, September 22nd against GCSU. 

Photo Credits: Kyle Soto

Kyle Soto is a volunteer for The WOLF Sports here at