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Summer Cinema Smash or Pass – Minions: Rise of Gru

70’s Throwback Done Mediocre

Let it be said that movie studios know how to make money, and that’s what films like these are about. But at the end of the day, do we really care if the minions are contributing to film evolution?

These yellow menaces are as classic as ever. The plotline is easy to follow and there aren’t any real surprises thrown in here. Adults might get a kick out of spotting the 70’s movies the film takes inspiration (or even flat-out takes aesthetics, dialogue, and borderline whole scenes) from. Your brain won’t be challenged while watching this movie, so rest assured you won’t miss a thing if you take a nap.

I happened to watch this film with my parents and the entire theater was empty. There is no doubt in my mind that the only reason we laughed uncontrollably at the airplane scene was due to the fact we’re a Delta pilot family who recognized the allusions made to 70’s media. That being said, Minions gives you exactly what you’re expecting. There are no surprises and the gags are as trite and somewhat endearing (and cringe) as ever.

Final Verdict


For the over abundance of yellow buttcheeks alone, I guess (and just to spite Jurassic World’s latest installment that butchers one of my favorite trilogies; i.e. see my review for that one). Minions won’t change your life or offer any true relevance to the art of cinema, but it doesn’t try to. It’s simple and basic enough to give you a decent laugh here and there and offers good ol’ mind-numbing child-focused entertainment that those who enjoy 70’s aesthetics will vibe with. The kids will be pacified for this feature-length goofball film and parents might get a laugh too.