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Sports In A Virtual World

Sports are in an interesting time right now with the Coronavirus. Most teams are meeting virtually to keep up on Zoom, Hangouts, and other virtual platforms. Nascar has even gone virtual with its races, having their racers being able to give their fans what they want from home (even if it’s through a simulator). The NFL draft is going to go virtual April 23-25.

The NFL draft is on ESPN every year and every fan gets so excited when their favorite player gets drafted. Will having this event virtually take away the excitement from the fans of these players? We honestly don’t know how it’s going to go. This whole thing has affected us all, so it is interesting to see how each different outlet thinks about it. The Raven’s coach, John Harbaugh is worried about Zoom being hacked during this virtual NFL draft. He is helping make sure this does not happen, but it is hard to tell if it actually will.

Another tweet from Dianna on ESPN wondering which head NFL coach will forget to mute themselves. This is quite funny and interesting when you think about it, as these coaches are much older. Some may not know technology as well as the others, but at the same time they may have taken this time in quarantine to take some quick social media courses online, or better yet, maybe they asked their teams to see what the deal is with Zoom and how muting plays into effect. We honestly will just have to wait and see what happens during this crazy time. It will be entertaining no matter what.

We hope you tune into the NFL Draft with us on social media and watch it LIVE to see what happens. I mean by experiencing it LIVE you can at least follow up with the live social media content on Twitter and Instagram (maybe a little bit of Facebook). We will truly find out very soon, the draft is coming right around the corner. Who are you hoping gets drafted? Let us know on our socials, we will make sure to keep you updated on all the picks! Follow us on our Instagram and Twitter.

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