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NFL Free-Agency Frenzy: 3 Major trades/releases during Free-Agency

Now on day whatever of the Corona quarantine and sports fans have been running dry on any sports content, if you’re a sports fan you’ve probably already watched several 30for30’s, multiple sports clips on YouTube, and grown very tired of watching all our favorite players become “Tiktok” influencers. But in perfect timing, the NFL came to the rescue with free Agency and this was a memorable one for several teams. ‘

  1. Tom Brady splits with the Patriots 

This breakup was the most talked-about departure of free agency. Brady has spent his entire career with the patriots and the only NFL player with six super bowl wins. So when the news broke that the star quarterback could be leaving New England it was almost hard to believe but of course, anything is possible in 2020. Brady has recently signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he will be surrounded by some amazing weapons on offense being Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Tampa will be a team to look out for in NFC south. 

2.  Cam Newton’s departure from the Panthers 

Many suspected that the Panthers were going to move on from the team’s Quarterback Cam Newton, except Cam Newton. The team released a statement stating that they have given the MVP quarterback permission to seek a trade but Newton commented back stating that he never wanted a trade and that he was forced into. The Panthers have now signed free-agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater while Newton is still looking for a new home for next season. 

3. Houston Texans trade Deandre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals

If there were any trades during the free agency that just didn’t make sense I believe this was number one on the list. The Houston Texans traded wide receiver Deandre Hopkins who is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the game for RB David Johnson and a second-round pick. This trade didn’t make sense for numerous reasons; for starters Texans didn’t seem to need a new running back seeing that Carlos Hyde seemed to get the job done last season. Secondly, Deandre Hopkins is key to this offense, Hopkins is Deshaun Watson’s right and left hand basically, he’s the most reliable receiver and always comes through when he needs him especially on scramble plays. So for whatever reason Bill O’Brien has not only hurt his team but his star quarterback as well by taking away someone he had great chemistry with and pretty much leaving him high and dry. On the other side, Hopkins seems to be excited about the trade and can’t wait to be able to play with the future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald and another young elite Quarterback Kyler Murray. 

Only time will tell how each of these teams seasons will turn out and if these players will make a good fit for their new teams, but until then be sure to follow us on Instagram and twitter@thewolfsports for updates on trades, the NFL draft and the upcoming season.

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