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NCAA Athletes Affected by Coronavirus

The year 2020 has been an unforgettable year as we are only three months in. First Kobe, now Corona. The sports industry has been hit hard in these three months. Many fans are heartbroken and all athletes’ seasons were put on hold because of this virus. It’s not just the United States either, this is worldwide. The Coronavirus has affected the sports industry globally by canceling seasons and post ponging the 2020 Olympics.  Most professional athletes handle the news pretty well, unlike NCAA athletes. All around the States, NCAA athletes got their world ripped from them, including me. This is how the Coronavirus affected me.

February 18th and 19th marked my last track meet and I didn’t even know it. GSC Indoor Conference was UWG Women Track and Field last indoor meet. We competed well but were ready for our outdoor season, which was only three weeks after the Indoor Conference. As we were preparing for our meet that was a week away, the Corona outbreak affected the United States to the extreme. Everything was getting canceled and my teammates and I were sitting back, hoping our track meet would not get cancelled as well.

That shortly changed at our last practice, we got notified that the NCAA had canceled March Madness temporarily as they were trying to understand what was happening with the spread of the Coronavirus. Then on the next day, we found out that the NCAA had suspended all athletic competitions and related activities because of the impact of the Coronavirus. Just like that, my last season was done. I was sad and slightly upset because I trained hard in my off season so that I can be ready for this upcoming season. Coronavirus literally took my last track season away.

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