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  • WOLFstock2
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    Missed WOLFstock this year??

    by Tiana Thigpen This years WOLFstock marked the sixth annual anniversary of the founding of The WOLF. The…

  • Star Wars Poster
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    Star Wars- Who is Rey?

    by alum: Michael Tucker *****Spoilers***** *****Spoilers***** *****Spoilers***** *****Spoilers***** *****Spoilers***** How many of these do I need before you…

  • christmas2
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    Christmas Prowl

    By Sidney Jones On December 9th, 2015, The Evening Prowl hosted a Christmas themed show. There was plenty…

  • Jeffery Dean Morgan
    29 0
    Jeffery Dean Morgan Is Negan

    by Shawn Isaacs After years of rumors and speculations Walking Dead fans FINALLY have an answer. Jeffery Dean…

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The WOLF Internet Radio @ UWG
The WOLF Internet Radio @ UWG
NEWS UPDATE- Statement from Gov. Deal concerning 'campus carry'.

"I have today issued an Executive Order directed to the Commissioner of the Technical College System of Georgia and the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, requesting that they submit a report to me, the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House by August 1, 2016, as to the security measures that each college within their respective systems has in place. I hereby call on the leaders of the municipalities and counties in which these colleges are located, along with their law enforcement agencies to review and improve, if necessary, their security measures in areas surrounding these colleges. Since each of these municipalities and counties receive significant revenue by virtue of the location of these colleges in their jurisdictions, I believe it is appropriate that they be afforded extra protections"
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#BREAKINGNEWS - Gov. Deal will veto campus carry. #news

Congrats to those graduating today! Shine bright into your new journeys in the world! #UWG

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