UWG Wolves Blue vs. UWG Wolves White
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Though the Homecoming celebrations were very different this year because of COVID-19, they were relatively successful with nearly 2000 attendees to the in-person football game on Tuesday, Oct. 27. 

While the UWG football team did not face any outside team, Tuesday night was filled with excitement. The celebrations focused solely on expressing the wolf’s spirit and supporting the players who recently saw their 2020 season postponed. In this “spring game type event,” the football team was split in two—UWG Blue versus UWG White. 

Photo courtesy of Alma Beauvais

“I really enjoy the game after everything with COVID. I’ve really just been cooped up,” said Audrey Allison, a UWG student who attended the game. “There hasn’t been any event, so it’s nice to get out and show some West Georgia support out here with the football players.”

The university still attempted to follow health and safety guidelines. The staff wore masks and gloves while passing out free food at the entrance. During the game, social distancing was in place thanks to the green stickers that informed attendees on where they could sit. Though larger groups of friends (more than six people) made that effort rather difficult at times, most students did not seem very concerned about catching the virus.  

“It really makes me feel safe that there’s people out there that are concerned with our health, and that the staff is spacing everyone out in the bleachers,” said Allison. 

UWG President Kelly and the First Lady attended the game to support the team and share the wolf spirit. They wore their masks throughout the game and walked around the crowd to hand out goodies such as wolf stickers and pom-poms to the attendees. 

UWG President Kelly and UWG First Lady handing out goodies during the game.
Photo courtesy of Alma Beauvais

The game ended with UWG Blue winning against UWG White by a score of 21-10. 

Photo courtesy of Julia Mothersol