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Super Bowl And The Changes That I Plan To Make

The super bowl was this past weekend and we all, for the most part, watched the game. The Google commercial made me tear up a little, not gonna lie. Can we also mention Demi Lovato singing the national anthem? Yes, queen, the girl can sing. And the half time show? Unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed it. How sweet was it that J Lo’s daughter came out and sang with them on stage. What a moment for them to remember!

But let’s be honest did we know about both of these teams (Chiefs and the 49er’s) before the super bowl? If I’m being honest, I did not know everything about the teams, but I now know more than I did originally. I try my best to keep up with some NFL teams, but in reality, it is just hard to keep up throughout the season when there are other sports. My goal next season is to watch more NFL games so that when I get to the super bowl I can know more of what I’m watching.

Let’s all try to do that, ladies and gents. I think that we ladies sometimes get a bad rap for not knowing enough about sports or that we don’t know anything for that matter when it comes to sports. I think and I know that can change, there is a change that I’ve seen this past year with the Instagram account called Fangirl Sports Network where they define a fangirl being, “a woman who knows all of Tom Brady’s stats but isn’t afraid to embrace her inner Gisele”. I have recently started following this account and have enjoyed getting to read more of the posts and channel my sports even when I can’t watch a full game. I can at least watch their stories and receive my knowledge about the games in this way.

Photo Credits: IG: @TheBleacherReport

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