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Sports & How They Are Affecting The Virus

So you may have seen some of the content going around on our page about the Coronavirus and how it’s affecting our society. Yes, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson were tested positive for the virus in Australia but did we think about how this virus is affecting our sports? I don’t think we did!

While some may not care about sports, I think it’s important to touch on it. The NBA has suspended game play. While this may seem extreme, it is going to be better for the players and the fans in the end. While sports fans won’t get to watch the games during their scheduled times and ratings won’t be happening, I think this is a time to reflect and most certainly it’s time to take better care of ourselves.

Not only just washing our hands, but also washing and wiping off our phones as we read the tweet/notifications about the latest sports updates. It actually is ok during this time to use Clorox Wipes or wipes that have 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your iPhone. So we should keep that in mind!

So what exactly is in our sport’s future? Even LeBron James had something to say about this, “Man we canceling sports events, school events, office work, etc. What we really need is to cancel 2020! Damn, it’s been a rough 3 months. God bless and stay safe.” This is something that hits home with Kobe and Gigi this year, and it’s just so hard to finish this year out like he says. 

As far as our future with Sports here at The WOLF, it is also still up in the air. We are still slated to do The Sports Pack, our sports show that we plan on doing centered around the sports that are being affected by this virus. So truthfully we don’t know what we will be discussing if we will get to discuss it at all. But we really are hoping to, we want to still be united with sports no matter what happens. 

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