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10 Ok Things To Do While At Home Due To The Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has given us a chance to pause and reflect on our lives. Some of us may be out of jobs and back home from school if you are like me. But if you are wondering what the heck to do other than checking your phone, and yes you can still check it guilt-free during this time (and yes that means your screen time will be a little up than normal and that’s ok because you are at home, this is what is the main thing). And anyway, there are items like these blue light glasses if you’re worried about your eyesight or your sleep cycles so there isn’t a need to worry! But just in case you need some other things to do at home here are some things I have enjoyed doing:

  1. Watching movies and tv shows: You can do this with any subscription you have whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. And if you feel like watching a particular movie or TV show which is not available in your region, use a VPN to change the location and stream it. You can consider Virtual Private Networks provides like CyberGhost (read the cyberghost review) are some of the top picks for streaming videos. You can consider it or any other reliable VPN to watch your desired show.
  2. Spring clean your closet: You may think that you don’t have anything to clean or organize in your closet but you might be surprised. Put things in piles and then decide which pile will be your selling pilling if you so chose. You can still utilize the Poshmark and Mercari apps and schedule porch pickups for your post office drivers if you don’t feel like going out to the post office. I have started to list my own items on these apps and am liking it.
  3. Color from a coloring book: As crazy as it sounds, coloring can actually help you destress a little and forget about what’s going on in the world for a moment. You can also print off pages to color if you don’t have a coloring book, so that is another option.
  4. Play board games: When you are bored, board games can help not make life so boring. I played Sorry with my mom the other day and I forgot just how simple life used to be when we did not use technology as much. So feel free to go look in your family’s stash of games or make up some of your own.
  5. Make and cook recipes: If you aren’t the best cook, this is something that can be useful for you. If you are at home with family or by yourself you can look up recipes on Pinterest or on the internet. There actually is a new app called Supercook that is free to download and you can plug in the items that you already have in your kitchen and it’ll create recipes for you. It takes out some of the work during this time, so that’s nice!
  6. Listening to music: Something that we don’t take advantage of as often. Artists are still putting out new music for us to listen to during this time, so Thursday nights can still be a little bit more exciting when the music drops. With Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube you can’t go wrong with where you listen. Having a surround sound speaker would help you enjoy the session a lot better. You can visit or similar companies to get the best sound system.
  7. Going on a walk in your neighborhood: You can still do this, it gives you some time to get out and get some fresh air. I usually like to walk by myself but you can take your dog if you choose to.
  8. FaceTime your friends/family: I have been doing this every other day, sometimes every day at this point. It’s so easy to check up on your family and chat with them this one, as they are probably as bored as you at this moment. Phone calls are nice, but that face to face interaction is really neat to have when you have relatives that live in Michigan like me.
  9. Read a book: Something I do need to start doing more now that I have the time. You can do this with the books you have or you can order from Thriftbooks, which is an easy online way to order your books without having to go to the bookstore. You can also read from a kindle or iPad if you have that.
  10. Listen to a podcast: I have gotten into podcasts more recently and the episodes usually last about the length of a show, which is great. You can do spring cleaning and do this at the same time, which I prefer to do when I don’t want to listen to music while cleaning. There is pretty much a podcast for everything these days, so if you search on Apple podcasts you will find a niche for yourself. My go-to’s are reality tv and wellness podcasts.

Photo credit: IG: @MaggieKooi

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