image of The Oaks residence hall
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New Incentives to Live West

It’s that time of year for students to begin making new plans for the fall semester. Where a student plans to live is the number one priority. Thankfully, housing at UWG has your back! They’ve gotten feedback from students on ways that they can improve on campus living. These include free laundry, lowered rate for all residence halls, and a refer-a-friend program. 

“If a student who currently lives on campus refers a student to come live on campus, both students will receive $250”, said Camellia Chandler, program coordinator for housing. 

Currently, all residence halls are available. Both the Oaks and Center Pointe Suites are available for upper class students, but they are filling up fast. Another perk for upper class students is the waived application fee. 

Adrianna Bodruk is an RA who has lived at Center Pointe Suites for a year. She said her favorite parts of living on campus is the community it brings. She loved being right in the middle of campus and having access to her job and classes. She appreciated the access to maintenance and information at the front desk whenever she needed it. She loved the new building, and her favorite part of it are the study rooms. 

Getting in contact with housing is easy. They have a chat feature and a full FAQ page on their website, their phone number is 678-839-6426, and their email is Their Youtube, Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram is @UWGHousing. Housing is most active on Instagram and can be reached in their DMs or in the comments. They post frequently about events for residents.

Photo By Alanna King.