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It’s 2020, Lets Support Women

I think Beyonce said it best, girls do run the world. I think that society forgets at times that women are powerful in all aspects of life. Women can do anything that they put their minds to, and I think that it’s time for us to celebrate that.

Women can own and run businesses in this world. From companies to boutiques, they know how to keep track of numbers, statistics, and a storefront if they have one. A lot of the boutiques I shop from in town, Jules & James and Boutique 215, are run by women. I think this should continue to be a thing, as I love supporting local women. 

Women can do sports, I think most of us know this, but some of us may not know. Our US soccer team has been successful. Of course, there are other sports that females are involved in like basketball, golf, and track. There was even the Super Bowl’s first female coach this past Super Bowl, Katie Sowers. I think that the industry needs more of this in general, but now is the time we embrace it. 

Females can be successful in music and radio. Just look at Taylor Swift, she truly encompasses female empowerment in her singing and songwriting, even bringing up Halsey and Camila Cabello in her set for the American Music Awards. The girl can sing, whether you are a fan of hers or not, you have to recognize that. Lizzo is another successful woman in the industry and that’s the “truth” (sorry I went there lol). There are also some powerful women in radio, one of them that sticks out to me is Kristin from the Bert Show on Q100. 

Overall, I think that women should receive more credit and thought then they actually get. It’s the year 2020, so we should start acting like its 2020 with supporting women in all categories, no matter the industry.

Photo Credits: IG: @CasuallyCruelSwifty

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