Honey Mustard dipping sauces of various fast food restaurants
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Honey Mustard Fast Food Ranking

Okay, okay! I’ll admit it! I eat like a child. If I go to a fast food restaurant, nine times out of ten, I’ll get a chicken product of some kind. These are normally chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, or a chicken sandwich. Everyone has a preference as to what sauce they pair their chicken with. Some people like to dip into ranch, others barbecue. The right sauce, however, is honey mustard. Honey mustard is such a nice tangy, yet sweet, sauce to dip chicken and fries into. 

As we are in quarantine right now, I don’t want to go out and get fast food frequently (although I do admit that I have used a drive thru a few times recently). I can only dream about the meals I will eat once all of this is over. This got me thinking, “What is the best honey mustard in fast food?” Let’s find out! Of course, this is only my opinion and if you disagree, that’s totally okay! 

  1. Wendy’s: This honey mustard is so delicious and is more on the sweeter side of things and is creamy. I usually get a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger 4-for-$4 and will dip my nuggets, fries, and sometimes my burger into it. Top tier.
  2. McDonald’s: Classic honey mustard, if you ask me. It’s mostly sweet with a bit tang! Excellent partner to their crispy nuggets and fresh french fries.
  3. KFC: Hear me out here. This iteration of honey mustard is so smooth and seems to have a perfect balance of honey and mustard. I don’t get KFC often, but when I do, I get their honey mustard to pair with my popcorn chicken.
  4. Arby’s: In a similar line with KFC’s honey mustard, Arby’s is creamy and delicious. More sweet than tangy. 
  5. Sonic: This honey mustard is more mustard than honey, but I think it works really well to pair with their food! 
  6. Bojangles’: Excellent honey mustard! I don’t eat there too often, but their honey mustard is a go-to sauce when I do eat there.
  7. Hardee’s: Such a nice and creamy sauce with a bit of a mustardy flavor. It is mostly honey-tinged though! Nice pairing with the breading on their chicken tenders.
  8. Chick-fil-A: This might be a controversial opinion as Chick-fil-A is the lord’s chicken, after all. Their honey mustard has an interesting consistency that one might think will lend itself to taste sweeter, but it is actually a bit more tangy than other honey mustards. Definitely not bad and used to be my sauce of choice from Chick-fil-A, but then they introduced Chick-fil-A sauce (a wonderful creamy blend of honey mustard and barbecue) and it was over.
  9. Burger King: I don’t eat at BK very often, but I would say that their honey mustard is pretty decent. Since I don’t eat it too often, I can’t tell you much about the flavor profile.
  10. Cook Out: If I eat at Cook Out, i’ll get their special Cook Out sauce. Their honey mustard is bitter to me and i’m not a huge fan of it. If I have to, i’ll eat it, but it’s pretty meh in comparison to these other sauces.

If you’ve made it this far into the post, congratulations! Again, this is just my opinion and it honestly changes based on frequency of consumption. I’m sure if I had easy access to a Bojangles, I would put their sauce at a higher spot and be able to remember the flavor a bit better. Same goes for Burger King! I hope reading this made you as hungry as writing it made me.

Photo Credits: Nicole Antonuccio