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National Pet Day 2020

We absolutely love our pets; they’re our babies! (Peep my two babies, Khonsu (cream) and Osiris (black), chilling in their favorite window above!) We’re always there to feed them, love them, clean up after them, play with them, and take care of them when they’re sick. Luckily, pets are there for us too! Many pets can act as emotional support animals, service animals, or even just a creature for us to talk to when there is no one else to hear us out. We really don’t deserve pets as they are the most wholesome creatures who love us with no boundaries.

During this time of the Coronavirus, pets play a vital role for humans. Having a dog forces someone to go outside as they take the dog outside. Both cats and dogs allow us to have an outlet to exert energy as we play with them! Smaller pets, like various rodents and reptiles, give us responsibility as we need to clean their enclosures. Pets give us a schedule to follow with feeding and putting them out to use the bathroom. They are so important to have right now!

There have been a lot of funny tweets about people having “new coworkers” as they navigate working from home! So, here are some of The WOLF Staff’s new coworkers!

Program Director Gabby’s pups, Milo and Bær!
Social Media Director Sophie’s pups, Buddy and Willie!
Webmaster Kaleigh’s sweet kitty, Bastet!
Sports Social Media Director Maggie’s pup, Trixie!