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  • Atlanta Falcons Free – Agency Pick-ups
    The 2019 season was a confusing season for Falcons fans, the first half of the season seemed to be a disaster with a 1-7 record. Things were not looking good until the Falcons played the Saints in […]
  • NFL Free-Agency Frenzy: 3 Major trades/releases during Free-Agency
    Now on day whatever of the Corona quarantine and sports fans have been running dry on any sports content, if you’re a sports fan you’ve probably already watched several 30for30’s, multiple sports […]
  • Sports & How They Are Affecting The Virus
    So you may have seen some of the content going around on our page about the Coronavirus and how it’s affecting our society. Yes, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson were tested positive for the […]
  • Manchester City Banned from UEFA competetions for two seasons
    UEFA, Europe’s governing body of soccer in Europe, announced on Friday that Manchester City has been banned from European club competition for two years. Manchester City competes in the English […]
  • Atlanta United Offseason Transfer Recap
    Atlanta United has made a plethora of moves this offseason, and the team will look extremely different than it did in 2019. Core players and fan favorites have left the club for a variety of […]
  • March Madness 2020: Are You In?
    March Madness is coming right around the corner whether we want to admit it or not. I for once am excited about March Madness this season. I have not been the one to keep up with basketball in the […]
  • Super Bowl And The Changes That I Plan To Make
    The super bowl was this past weekend and we all, for the most part, watched the game. The Google commercial made me tear up a little, not gonna lie. Can we also mention Demi Lovato singing the […]
  • “Early” Retirement Trend in the NFL
    In recent news, Carolina Linebacker Luke Kuechly announced his decision to retire from the NFL after eight seasons. Kuechly was a key player for the Carolina defense and a fan favorite which is why […]
  • I’m a Sports Girl & OK With It
    Growing up I was the one to watch sports along with playing sports. I played soccer and tennis growing up. But, my dad went to school at Michigan State and my mom went to Western Michigan, so from […]
  • My Atlanta United Mount Rushmore
    While Atlanta United has only just finished its third season, Five Stripe fans have already seen a great deal of success on and off the field. Because of that success, Atlanta fans have come to love […]