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Finale & Finals

We gave tips & tricks on how to prepare for finals. We also share our funniest moments during finals week.​

Stay Woke

During the show we discussed the pressures of being black in today’s society. We further discussed the obstacles and challenges we have faced.

Whats The move?

On this episode we discussed our big plans after college. We discussed our fears, excitements and dreams. We also had special guest, Cole Johnson, a senior here at UWG discuss his plans after graduation. ​

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

During the show we discussed things that stress us out! Later on we gave spicy​

The Spill Talent Show

We discussed talent at UWG. Then we discussed what hidden talents we have. Furthermore we presented special guest, Akinmyowa, who is a senior here at West Georgia. He HOW POETRY HAS INFLUENCED HIMA DN HIS LIFE AND EVEN READ THE ONES THAT MEANT THE MOST TO HIM THAT HE WROTE OUT LOUD.

Is College Worth It?

During the show we discussed how it is to be a college student and the everyday struggles that we have. Us ladies go into detail about our best and worst college moments.

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