The Power Hour

Are We Divided?

In the explosive Power Hour finale, Bode is joined by former hosts Jared Yamamoto and Darryl Forges to discuss what is dividing us in politics and society.

Episode 420

Bode and the crew take a look at marijuana and drug policy in the United States before the upcoming 4/20 counterculture holiday

Special edition: West Georgia Rewind

Women’s Rights during West Georgia’s counterculture movement.

Gun Rights and Gun Control: What’s Not Working?

Elijah Aikens joins The Power Hour panel for a collaborative discussion on gun control and the issues both parties are facing in today’s heated gun rights movement.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In this episode capping off women’s history month, Bode and Akiebia take a look at the modern feminist movement, and in an exclusive featurette, hear about how women’s rights were affected during the counterculture movement at UWG with guests Dr. Julia Brock and Dr. Stephanie Chalifoux

The Green Episode

Bode welcomes Power Hour alum Danielle Fluck to break down how “adult” finances like taxes and stocks work and students can be mindful with their money

The Future of DACA

Omar Cruz, a DACA recipient, joins the Power Hour panel to share his experience as an immigrant growing up in America and the crew break down the where the controversial policy stands in the Trump Administration.

The “Modern” Civil Rights Movement

UWG NAACP President Kayla Mitchell joins Bode to discuss the effect of modern civil rights groups like Black Lives Matter and the state of racism in America

The Olympics

Nick McGahee from The WOLF Sports joins Bode to talk about this year’s Olympiad. Later in the show, the crew address the tragedy in Parkland.

#MeToo and the Sex Behind Politics

Join Bode in The Power Hour’s premier episode as he welcomes Jessica Jervis-Viville and Akiebia Hicks to the show and dives into why sex has a difficult relationship with politics and society