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Power Circuit

In the finale crossover episode, Neriah E and DJ T of College Circuit join in on the season finale as the panel reflects on politics of the year, social changes, and the death of an American President.

Medical Munchies

Returning from Thanksgiving break, Bode and Akiebia welcome District 123 State Representative candidate Scott Richard and talk about Georgia’s unique medical marijuana dilemma.

Women in Politics

Bode and Akiebia are joined by political science professor Kren Owen and Georgia State Capitol Intern Xavier Jennings for a post-election breakdown and the realities of gender politics

Game of Governors

UWG Political Science Chair Dr. Chapman Rackaway joins Bode and Akiebia to discuss the contentious Georgia Governor’s Race, and look back on a week filled with terror across the country.

The Flower Power Hour

Bode is joined by g WOLF’s own green enthusiast Program Director Stefanne Medeiros as they discuss differing views on climate change and how a modern college student can give back to the environment.

Revisiting Route 91

Bode is joined by Army veteran Nick Macgahee to talk gun policy one year after the infamous Las Vegas Shooting. What has changed, will it work, and how has the country moved on?

Welcome to Gen Z

The Power Hour premier episode packed with talk on the generations, Kavanaugh, Hurricane Michael, and more!

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