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Dear past Me

The evening prowls good bye episode for the semester. This episode we covered “Dear Younger Me” where we reminisced on what we would tell our past self.Covered recent news and social media studies. Of course we had to do our final wolf spiting segment. ​

Building A Brand

On this Episode of The Evening Prowl, we discussed branding and creating side hustles. We all shared what our hustles are or would be if we needed one, ways to create a niche hustle and establishing a brand for your business in the best light that will result in the best profit. Last but not least an all new ‘Wolvespittin’ and a juicy ‘6 at 6’.!

Saving Money

Ways to save money and learn how to budget

Spring Break Dreams – If Money weren’t an issue

This week on The Evening Prowl the crew discussed what would be their dream spring break trip if money weren’t an issue. They discussed where they would go, how much would they spend, what to put on social media, and what not to put on social media during the trip, and finally who all they would take with them.The Evening Prowl also killed their signature Wolves Spittin segment. Also, Neriah let’s the world hear what fellow UWG students are doing for spring break.


Join us as we take off and go back in time to enjoy the things of old.

The Evening Prowl discuss the evolution of music

The Evening Prowl discuss the evolution of music. Also they did talked about the top news and social media stories along with their signature segment WOLFS Spitting.​

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