The Power Hour Fall 2017

North Korea

Tensions are rising between the US and the Asian dictatorship. Will the US go to war with North Korea? Are they a threat? Bode and Megan break it down in this episode of The Power Hour

Fake News

The Power Hour crew breakdown what exactly is fake news and what exactly is real. Can we really trust the news we’re getting? Find out in this episode of The Power Hour.


Listen to the Power Hour Halloween special as the crew talks about what the government’s plan is if the world actually ended.

The Opioid Crisis

Bode and Georgia take a look at the opioid epidemic that has soared in the United States and call out the pharmaceutical companies that allowed the crisis to begin.
Power Struggle Segment: Mask Off the Opioid Epidemic​

C’mon Congress

On this episode of The Power Hour, the crew asks “what has Congress got done this year?” and breaks down what has been causing congressional gridlock.
Power Struggle Segment: C’mon Congress

Hollywood and Politics

Should celebrities voice their opinion in politics? What kind of political messages are in the movies we watch? Find out on this episode of The Power Hour

Vegas Strong

Bode and Georgia breakdown, discuss, and analyze the horrific shooting in Las Vegas and pay homage to victims

Ethics in Espionage

The Power Hour welcomes back guest Avery Anderson as they discuss spies and secret espionage from the Russia investigation to a scandal in the Georgia College Republicans

Premier Episode

Bode and Georgia welcome new panelist Megan Flynn as they discuss a whirlwind of summer politics and recent violence at Georgia Tech