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Sports Cancellation for all UWG Sports

Photo Credits: UWG Athletics

The COVID- 19 virus has impacted the world of sports.The conference cancelled all spring season play and all activity with the NCAA. No awards for spring GSC will be given out for the class of 2020 for honors awards.

The University of West Georgia postponed fall sports like soccer and basketball. ALL sports in the NCAA made sure athletes got tested. The University of West Georgia joined twelve other Gulf South Conference programs which had postponed all completions for sports.They plan to play football and men’s and women’s basketball in the spring. 

The University Athletics made a difficult decision when talking about how to solve the problem with fall sports. The importance of all this was for safety and health reasons on campus. The only sports that are played in the fall are men’s and women’s golf and cross country.  Basketball in the spring will be scheduled with the NCAA a couple of weeks before the season starts.