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Senioritis is a live talk on The WOLF Internet Radio, at the University of West Georgia. Senioritis is a candid talk show that discusses the true pains we face while in college, that no on wants to openly discuss. Our purpose is to serve our student body by recollecting what we know to help them become better than we did and to relate with our fellow Seniors experiencing the ‘itis’ pushing through our last semester of College.


This episode is about revelations on how we made it through tough issues in college from anxiety, to depression , being broke and etc. Giving tips on how to maintain your well being throughout this journey.

Why West?

This episode we discuss why we decided to GO WEST …. Where we thought we would be? What made us stay? and what was the best part of our experience at UWG?

Dear Freshmen

This episode is an all access pass to freshmen warning them about the side effects of college that they DON’T put on the application. We talk from living on to off campus , dating, and evolving in college so they can cruise on through.

Evolution of Homecoming

We talk about what to do during around campus this weekend.

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