Kayla Buckner standing in a driveway

Kayla Buckner



Mass Communications


Creative Writing

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About Kayla

A few of my hobbies include watching movies, playing video games, and making beats. I love sports as well. My favorite teams are Manchester United, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Miami Heat. In addition to this, I’m also a music artist and entrepreneur. 

Kayla’s Fun Facts

Favorite Artist

My favorite artists are XXXTENTACION

Favorite Song

  • My all time favorite song is Matter Fact by Chuuwee & Trizz

Favorite Movie

My all time favorite is The Last King of Scottland

Favorite Show

My favorite show is The Office

Last Show Binge Watched

  • The last show I binge was Squad Games

Disney, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network?

  • Cartoon Network

What Would You Do With 10 Million Dollars?

Invest half in stocks, crypto and real estate. Then I would buy a house and a black Tesla model X.

If you could visit or live any moment in history what would it be? Why?

  • The 90’s because I loved the fashion and music of that time period.

If You Could Interview Anyone in the world, Who Would You Choose?

  • Malcom X

Beach or Mountain? Why?

The beach because there any many things you can do such as tan, build a sandwich castle, have a picnic etc. You can’t do as many things on a mountain and I feel like a lot of mountains are in cold climates and I don’t like cold weather.

Fun fact about yourself

  • I’ve never broken a bone.

One meal to eat for the rest of your life? Why?

  • Pasta because it’s a versatile dish.