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Prep yourself for summer by listening to this!!! EvR’s last show of the semester ­čÖü

Music Festivals

Enjoy music festivals? So does EvR! Listen to hear what their favorite festival is.

Spring Fashion

What’s in, what’s not?┬áListen as EvR gives you the guide you need to get your closet together this year.

Pop Culture

When you hear the word “Pop Culture” who or what is the 1st thing you think of? Listen as EvR talks about the word.

Spring Break

Are you ready for Spring Break? We are too!  Listen as EvR breaks down the top spots for spring break, stereotypes, and their plans.


What are your expectations for your midterms this semester? What was the reality of past midterms you’ve taken?┬áListen as EvR talks about Midterms


What comes to mind when you think of stereotypes? Have you ever been stereotyped? Listen as EvR breaks down their thoughts on the stereotypes that we face everyday.

College Life!

What were your expectations going into college? Was it what you thought it would be or did the reality of it hit you dead in the face? Listen here to hear what the hosts of EvR thought about college, what they expected and what actually happened.