College Circuit


College Circuit gives study tips to students and farewell to MAC.

Year of Harvest

College Circuit talks maintaining mental health and improving physical health. Assist students with dieting, and tips on investing in you to be better.


College Circuit talks celibacy, whether it should be / or is practiced and how soon is too soon

Music Evolution from Bock to Zaytoven

How has music evolved since the OG Woodstock, favorite concerns and Interview with WOLFstock Artist

Back in the Groove

Getting back in sync with organization and timing after Spring Break. College Circuit gives students tips on how to get back in tune with academics and life balancing after a successful spring break/horror stories.

Spring Break: Tips, Tricks, and Destinations / How to Ball on a Budget

College Circuit talks about their plans for Spring Break and other destinations for Spring Break. They also talk about how to get by on a budget.

Media Day

College Circuit gives tips and advice for Media Day.

Balanced Life

College Circuit discusses how to balance out life while in college and offers advice for balancing college life.

Calling All Freshmen

College Circuit takes a dive into a discussion on how their Freshman year was compared to their class rankings now, in addition tips for joining clubs, organizations, and making new friends for Transfer and Freshman students

Cupids Choke hold and New Year’s Resolutions

Each cast member will be revealing their new semester goals, or resolutions, Valentines Day plans, Being Single, Online Dating, and an interview with the producer of Fattitude.