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College Circuit is a student ran talk show that provides students with informative and entertaining content that keeps listeners engaged. Our purpose is to serve our student body by giving them a platform to discuss issues that are important to them while bringing awareness to those issues on a global platform.

Real Adulting

This week we’ll be talking about what our plans after college are. Dreams and goals that we want to accomplish, type of living situation down to the type of home and finance.

Life in a College Town

Some students love Carrollton, some hate it. This episode will be all about how to adjust to Carrollton and what it is like to live in a small college town. We will talk about what makes Carrollton great and maybe not so great. We will share all the fun things there are to do off campus and how to still have fun if you don’t have a car.

Mashup with The Feed

This week we will dedicate an episode to putting students on to new artists, and the current state of the industry, while in debate with members of The Feed. This will be important to listeners because we will be able to bring listeners ears to new music and even be able to maneuver through certain situations on campus with music.

Relationships in College

Long Distance v. Same campus. Is it manageable to have a great relationship and tackle academics? Past experiences with relationships good or bad.

Terrified about College

We talk about what spooks us the most, our worst nightmares while in college, and college horror stories.

Midterm Mayhem


We talk about what to do during around campus this weekend.
Guests: Mimi Pham and Cole Johnson

Back to School With College Circuit

This show talked about coming back to school and how we the cast have been managing with classes and balancing life. Kenzi spills the tea with some entertainment, Monica keeps is real in her advice column, DJ T puts us on game with a new artist and Paris quenches the thirst with his pocket shot of the week! Take a listen

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