College Circuit Fall 2017


We talk about christmas, finals, The Sunset Villains and our past/present/future selfs.

The Future of Female

The women of College Circuit talk females in the work force and in male dominated jobs.

Shopping, Saving, and Thriving @ UWG

The Girls of College Circuit give tips on how to save money, how to not go broke, loaning money to a friend and how to thrive from your savings.


We talk about fears, halloween traditions, and safety tips.


We talk about what secrets to keep and if keeping a secret can ruin a relationship.

Girl Code

The girls of College Circuit battle over girl code with the men of Man Cave.

Networking 101

We give tips to our listeners on how to network, why networking is important and where to network.

Maintaining your sanity

We talk about Maintaining your sanity.


We talk about tailgating at Homecoming and how to be safe.

Shoot Your Shot 101

We talk about relationships with friends and significant others. We also talk about why it’s okay to not be in a relationship.

Wait a Minute Wednesday</>

Getting Involved

We talk to the Greeks about getting involved on campus.

No Guide in the Wild

We give tips, do’s and don’t’s, and resources to new UWG students all while having loads of fun.