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0 February 21, 2018

Tips & Tricks: How to Win an Argument

Let’s make sure YOU win this argument

By Dee

I am going to give you four simple steps to make sure you win whatever argument you are having with someone.


STEP 1: Do NOT attack the PERSON.

When stepping into this argument you do not want to attack the person. For example: “Hey Sarah you are selfish for not giving me a ride after all I do for you”. What you want to say instead is “Hey Sarah when you didn’t give want to give me a ride I just thought the action you led out was selfish”. When doing this you are calling out the action they did instead of actually attacking them. This will lead that person to question their action.



When you make the person you’re arguing with feel stupid, they will zone out. Trust me, I have had my fair share of experiences. When someone makes me feel stupid I shut out whatever that person has to say. Here is an example of what not to do: “Hey Sarah you’re really dumb for thinking that I wasn’t going to find out”. Instead you would say “Hey Sarah it surprised me to think that you didn’t think I would find out”.  In this sense that person will think of how they made you feel rather than you attacking their character.




I know we all at some point had an argument and then that argument shifted to something else and then that shift made it into a whole different argument. An example of this would be “Hey Sarah I don’t like how you stole my sweater” Sarah: “well you’re ugly and it doesn’t look good on you”. Sarah’s response shifted the argument into a different place and now there is going to be a whole different argument. Instead Sarah could say “I shouldn’t have took that sweater, I’m sorry”. Now Sarah is addressing what she did instead of going back and forth.



This is the most important step. When you start to yell at someone your point does not get across. Now the person you are yelling at just wants to yell at you for yelling. The most important thing you need to do is stay calm.

Dee runs The Spill, your weekly gossip and talk show. You can listen to them live Tuesday nights at 7 right here on The WOLF.

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