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Real World Real You- The End

Join us for our last show of the semester as we discuss summer traditions, summer expectations vs. reality, our study habits for finals, and many more in this fun-filled, action packed show finale. ​

Night Life

The various types of night outings, parties, events and tips on how to have fun and stay safe.​

Drugs and Alcohol

The Night How talk about drugs and alcohol


The discussion of all stereotypes from male and female, to college, to skin tone, weight. etc​

Sensual Talks: The Birds and The Bees

We discussed sex. We went into the spicy details of our first moments and gave some tips and tricks about safe sex.​

Broke Spring Break

The Night Howl discusses how to budget for Spring Break, plans that the cast members have for the occasion, as well as tips on partying responsibly. Of course, their usual Top Upcoming Events and Top 3 Weekly Clapbacks segments are included. Make sure to follow The Night Howl on Twitter @NightHowlUWG

Millennial Takeover

The new Millennial era, a technology savvy generation who has used social media to influence the future. This show features our weekly segments, “Top 3 clapbacks of the week” “Top 3 Upcoming Events” and “Grinds my Gears

Post Valentine’s Day Show

We relive the special moments from Valentine’s Day, we discuss what grinds our gears, we give guys v. girls opinions on what is a date, what is a relationship, and is Valentine’s Day a real holiday. We give you the top 3 events nationally, locally, and on campus as well as giving you weekly clap backs. ​

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